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Radiator fubar


Well, this weekend I got kicked in the pants by the all-knowing Audi Gods.  I
guess they thought it had been long enough.... I was performing a routine spark
plug cleaning and regapping exercise and also checking my compression (which was
still at least 95 +/- 5 psig {turbo lo comp pistons} after >200k miles!).  In
getting at the furthest plug, I guess I was leaning on the upper radiator hose
fitting at the radiator end, and suddenly it slipped off.  Weird, I thought.
I'll just put it back on.  Meanwhile, of course, green blood was coursing down
my driveway.  But, where was the radiator connection??????  OH SHIT, I thought
in a strangely clear voice.  Yup, sure enough, inside the hose was what was
formerly a part of the radiator.  The nipple had broken off about 3/4" from the
plane of the radiator.  Meanwhile, Prestone still flowing in copious amounts
down the concrete.  Well, I dug out the amputated section of radiator from the
hose and stuck it back onto the remaining stub, clamped her down and refilled.
I drove her to work today, and it seems to be holding.  So my submittance to the
list is:
1) what the heck is the radiator made of?  Plastic, paper, corn starch????
2) where can I find a replacement for said radiator?  I think that a metal one
would be nicer, but $$$$.

Thanks for the venting BW.

83 5kt gimpy q-ship