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Re:Butterfly ramp (Kinda Long)

 >can you tell me what the function of the butterfly ramp
>might be? What would be the price of removing it? I can
see that
>it would be a flow restriction at WOT. TIA.

The function of the ramp is to help "smooth" out the
incoming air.

You wouldn't want to "remove it" completely , just maybe
smooth it down
some to aid airflow.  This is usually allot of work for
very little gain!(BTDT)

The key to the throttle body is the butterflies.  To mainly
increase their size
yields much bigger "gains" that are always measurable on a
flow bench(BTDT)
Even a 2mm increase yields a minimum 15% gain in flow, at
full throttle!

The problem with the OEM throttle body is its outer shell
is just too thin
to support any increases in butterfly size. At least
substantially enough
to make a noticeable difference.  Plus you have to take
into account the entire
intake tract, along with the exhaust system too.  If you
merle modify the
throttle body, you really haven't done a thing to improve
air flow into the 
engine.  The airbox restricts air, as well as the intake
boot, and intake
runners.  Then you have the head itself to improve upon. 
All this will be
wasted effort unless you "unrestricted" the exhaust system!
 The entire 
intake/exhaust system must be "re-engineered".(there's that

This is why a "Turbo" is so beneficial to performance
It "pumps" in tons of extra air, and its pressurized air!. 
Merle increase
boost, and the fun factor also goes up!  Turbo Very easy to
All the above mods can also be performed on a Turbo, but
its almost
unnecessary....Almost!  Depends just how much power your
There are limits here too, but definitely more bang for the
buck, with a
turbo, as compared to non turbo!(BTDT)   

Hoppen has done some work with the V6 throttle body, and
gains have been

Its a "balance" between the Fuel injection, engine
requirements, and keeping the car within emission regs! 
The later being the most stringent, for someone to 
"market" such items.  A $20.000 fine can be a good
deterrent!  Thats why you dont
readily see such "hot performance parts" for sale
everywhere! EPA reads
magazines too!

To smooth out the ramp, is a pretty simple, and easy task. 
The trick is knowing where to remove material.  This is
where "experience" is a must!

Porting and polishing is a "lost art" that is being
replaced by technology.
CNC machines, can do some awesome work, but its a person
that programs them!
(CNC Engineers???)