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Re: Engineer?

I think it's about time for this thread to end.  As with most of our
local pissing contests, no one will win.  No one will be convinced of
anything.  Most of the listers don't care.  If you must take this to a
public forum, try alt.autos.audi; nothing ever gets posted there
anyway.  Just please take it off the list.
Or as the Germans might say, "Reg dich ab, mann!"*

I'm not trying to flame anyone.  I'm not going to get into this
arguement.  I think it's gone on long enough, and it has no place on
this list.

Thanks for the BW


*I do not claim to know German, nor do I claim to know what a German
would say in this situation.  I don't even claim to know exactly what
that phrase says; I got it from a pretty unreliable source.  It's not
supposed to be horribly obscene but if it is please tell me and I'll
apologize profusely.