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Re: Oil change intervals

This is probably grossly naive, but haven't they improved engineering (not 
related to that damned engineer thread, mind you) enough to the point where 
they don't HAVE to change the oil every 3000 or so miles?  Or is Audi just 
letting our cars become pieces of junk in order to save that extra $30 every 6 
months or whatever?

I'm new to this -- fell in love with Qs in childhood as my relatives down the 
street had a 5000 turbo quattro that I used to stick my head out of the 
moonroof -- I thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen (first moonroof, 
mind you, and an impressionable child was I!).  It stuck around long enough to 
get snuck out of the driveway with, etc. (their daughter was 2 years older and 
we basically grew up together), and was a wonderful car . . .

Finally have my own, and relieved to know that I'm not imagining things when I 
feel like the A4Q I have handles, corners, etc. way better than any other car 
I've driven -- it's like it's more comfortable with the road.  More 
confident.  Solid.  I like it!

Anyway, just wondering about the oil thing, and introducing myself.

'96 A4Q 2.8

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