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Turbo Cam for N/A I-5 10v

	The 5K Turbos are the only models I can take a turbo cam from for my
'86 C-GT, right? ....well, I imagine one from a TQC would work also
but.... I am going to hit the local junkyards that I know of today and
maybe later tomorrow in search of possibilities and want to make sure
that I can grab one from any year. Are they all the same, or do they
change along with fuel injection changes?
	Is it O.K. to change a cam to an advanced one and replace the lifters
with new ones at the same time?
	Speaking of junkyards, are there any good suggestions from the
Boston/North Shore-area listers? I know of a couple(Jack's and another,
name unknown, in Billerica) around Burlington, but neither are
especially helpful. Thanks.
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