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Re: Low mile 4kq

> In a note dated 5/22/97 Pat Martin writes:
> <<There is a small used car lot nearby that has a white 86 or 7 4kq with 80k
> miles.  He is going to ask ~4000 for it.  The body seems to be in good shape
> and the interior too.  It has the quattro embroidered seats (very
> cool)...snip>>

MSV96@aol.com wrote:
> If these seats are original then it would be an '87 Commerative Build and
> should also have body colored mirrors and wheels, and so called "sports
> suspension." Reminds me of my first quattro. If this is a clean Commerative
> Build car then the price range is probably reasonable. It is also possible
> this is one of those mythical 2.3L 4kq's which would make it very rare
> indeed. If not, I can't imagine there are all that many Commerative Build
> cars that are low miles and clean so it is still a pretty rare car.

	I am under the impression that the Commemorative Design series was a
1986, not a 1987, production run. I am sure my Comm. Coupe is an '86, as
are all others, but I am not sure what date the "Celebration in
Engineering and Innovation" was actually honoring. I also am slightly
vague about the history of this 'Commemoration,' so let me know, please!
And is it possible for the 4K C.D.s to be 1987 s? Thanks.

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