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RE: Radiator fubar

	>getting at the furthest plug, I guess I was leaning on the
upper radiator hose
> fitting at the radiator end, and suddenly it slipped off.  Weird, I
> thought.
> I'll just put it back on.  Meanwhile, of course, green blood was
> coursing down
> my driveway.  But, where was the radiator connection??????  OH SHIT, I
> thought
> in a strangely clear voice.  Yup, sure enough, inside the hose was
> what was
> formerly a part of the radiator.  The nipple had broken off about 3/4"
> from the
> plane of the radiator.  Meanwhile, Prestone still flowing in copious
> amounts
> down the concrete.  Well, I dug out the amputated section of radiator
> from the
> hose and stuck it back onto the remaining stub, clamped her down and
> refilled.
I had the same problem changing the upper radiator hose

	>I drove her to work today, and it seems to be holding. 

I would recommend getting it fixed soon! I did exactly the same thing. I
drove to work with no problems, but on the way home the thing slipped in
the middle of the road leaving me in the cloud of steam. At least glue
it together or insert a piece of plastic hose of correct diameter into
the stub.

	> So my submittance to the
> list is:
> 1) what the heck is the radiator made of?  Plastic, paper, corn
> starch????
It's made of plastic. When exposed to heat for many years, it becomes
very easy to crack.

	>2) where can I find a replacement for said radiator?  I think
that a metal one
> would be nicer, but $$$$.
I bought a metal radiator manufactured by Danish company called Nissens.
Dunno if it's available in US. I paid about $200, I think it is much
cheaper then the original one.

						        87 5KCST