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ur-q using oil - turbo ??

In message <339C7756.3F30@iol.ie> George Harrison writes:

> Air-intake to turbo fairly clean ....very light traces of tacky goo.
> Turbo to intercooler....fairly wet with engine oil, enough to cause two
> drops to fall out.
> I flushed the intercooler with petrol....there was maybe an eggcup full
> of oil in there.

All normal.
> The turbo.....what kind of free play should there be?  I grabbed the
> shaft by the little nut on the end and tried to push in and out.  Minute
> amount of movement.  Tried to move from side to side...maybe 1mm
> movement. I can feel a definite rocking and can also hear the gentle
> knocking sound as I move it.  Any suggestions?

The wear limits are 0.2mm axial play, 0.55mm radial play - all end-to-end.

It's beginning to sound like an engine problem.  Anything unusual happen in the 
valve guide job?  Head bolts renewed?  What was the result of the plug 
examination?  All cylinders the same?
 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club