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Rev Limiter, 5000TQ/200TQ scared s%*$@&


As mentioned, the 5000TQ has a rev limiter that shuts off
the fuel pump relay. I have inadvertently hit the rev
limiter in 2nd gear a few times, it is a bit unsettling if
you are attempting to pass someone.

It is set to cut out at around 6700 RPM. The factory
Tachometer reading may be off slightly, on my 89 200TQ I
did not get any cutout even though the tach read 6800-6900
RPM. I connected an Automotive DMM that reads RPM using an
inductive spark plug pickup and sure enough the cutout
occurred damn near spot on at 6700 RPM. The factory tach
was reading around 7000 RPM when the cutout occurred. 

On my car with the later MC dual knock sensor engine and
MAC14 ECU, it stores fault code 2214 if the maximum RPM
(6700) is exceeded. It also has code 2224 which indicates
the maximum boost pressure (aprox 1.6 bar) has been
exceeded. If you raise the overboost cutout values inside
the ECU EPROM to 1.95 then this limit for code 2224 is
raised as well.

On the later cars it looks like the dealer can find out if
you like to take the engine to max revs or play around with
the boost............

Scott M.