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Re: UrQ Power Steering Pump

Source - Call Halsey Automotive (Portland, OR  503-256-0182) 

I belive the pump is used in other Audi (and VW?) applications so finding
a replacement should be easy and inexpensive.

'83 urq
'89 GTI and GLI 16Vs

On Mon, 9 Jun 1997, Paynter, Clarke wrote:

>      Seems the bearings on my power steering pump of my '83 UrQ have 
>      decided to retire.  Can anyone help with following: a.) Is there a 
>      rebuild kit with new bearings?  b.) Is there a inexpensive source for 
>      a new unit?  c.) Is there any other Audi with an interchangeable unit?
>      TIA Clarke

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