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Re: Turbo Cam for N/A I-5 10v

In a message dated 97-06-10 12:59:48 EDT, you write:

<< The 5000 turbo cams don't have the vacuum pump lob on them... The QTC cam
 a solid lifter cam, if you delete the vacuum pump then you'll be okay...
 Scott >>
...  Darn grease... *&@#!!  Just picked up the '87 5ktq cam paperweight here
in my office, Scott, and I assure you, it has the vacuum pump lobe on it.  IN
fact, the MC's and the schrick 268,272, and 278 cams do to, the latter are
all N/A cams for the 5 cyl cars, they just do the turbos well with the extra
lift.  Over to my larger PW, there are also the VP bosses on the turbo head,
anyone wanting to retrofit a vacuum pump onto a turbo head won't have much
work to do really.  The why question might come to mind, tho.


Scott J
'87 5ktq/w
'84 Urq