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Re: In tank injection pumps,interesting (?) facts.

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        I observed the same thing a couple of years ago with the first (of
two) pumps to wear out in my '90 100Q.  In my case the final failure
mechanism was a piece of the pump wall jamming in one of the pump motor
bearings and siezing it.  At 75-80 mph, fast lane of I-95 in rush hour.
Interesting experience.

        Speaking of putting sparking electrical devices in large containers
of gasoline, I would've loved to be present the first time this design was
proposed!  "You want to put it WHERE?!?!?!"  Even though I'm quite aware
that under normal circumstances it is virtually impossible to have a
combustible mixture there, it does seem like there should be some cases
where the tank was drained before replacing the pump and the ignition
turned on with just enough vapors present...  Still a good way to make the
motor smaller, I guess.

        By the way my first pump went at 70K and the replacement went at
140K, both got quite noisy, though I learned my lesson from the first and
replaced the second one BEFORE it siezed!


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