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Subey WRX

So has anybody else looked at some of the stats on that Subaru WRX?
Maybe one of our European/New Zealander listers has driven one??

I've been reading the stats, and I have to admit, from what I've read,
that those are d#&* impressive little cars!!  217HP at 6000 RPM stock
out of that 2.0L Turbo motor!  I was reading about a car in Australia
that one guy has, who has done some very minor tweaking with the turbo,
chip, exhaust, etc., and has got the 0-62 mph time on the car down to
5.3 seconds!  You can check out the pictures and stats on the car at

I'd have to admit, depending on price of course, that I would be *very*
tempted to buy one of these cars if they come stateside, which it is
rumored Subaru might do.  Considering the WRX 555 rally car (Last year)
makes 330HP with a 34 mm restrictor, I wouldn't doubt that you could get
some serious power out of one these cars.  Hmmmm...what do you all
think?  BTW, I'm not trying to start a flame war here =).

Best Regards,

Mark Nelson
Borealis Technology Corp.
SQA Engineer
Incline Village, Nevada
Carson City, Nevada

1990 Audi S2 Quattro (Building for SCCA Pro Rally)

Past Audis: 1987 5000CSTQ, 1987 5000CSTQW