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oil additive-is this thing really work??

A friend of my try to switch to some oil additive called metal lube
(here in P.R.)Pro blend in U.S.A,but first he want to know "what's
inside of this miracle oil additive have.He send a sample to a company
called BEL-RAY Company-aero division the date was in December 29,1987
and said:
Dear Terry:
Thank you for the sample bottle of metal lube.Metal lube is merely a
diluant and with prolonged use could result in metal wear.Most petroleum
oil havean anti-wear additive.The public is so naive when it comes to
that they will believe anything the industry
advertises.Unfortunately,these companies thrive on get rich scheme. They
will push in one area,exhaust their advertising and move to another
area.These so-called companies left their mark to many dissatisfied
customer and suddenly dissapeard.   continue...