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RE: Re: A4 oil changes

Strange... I have never really heard of Synthetic oil causing lifters to go
bad... I've been using Synthetic oils from the birth of my 86 4KCSQ and not once
have I have trouble with the lifters (even though I replaced them 5 years ago,
due to what I thought was lifters, but turned out to be the damned Vacuum pump
<grrrrrrr>) Perhaps you had another problem occur at the same time? 
86 4KCSQ 
Minneapolis, MN 
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Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 1997 4:29 AM 
Subject: RE: Re: A4 oil changes 
Is it advisable to use synthetic oil in this Audi?  I have a '90 80q that I
switched over to Mobil 1 at 60K miles and it caused my lifters to go bad.  After
replacing all of the lifters and switching back to "real" oil and changing at 3K
intervals, I haven't had another problem. 
Also, does it make sense that my ABS OFF panel light flickers on at highway
speeds when my brakes are worn? 
Rick R. 
Stow, MA 
'90  80q 5sp