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Re: A4 painted bumper durability? (no Q content)

This has always been a concern of mine on the newer Audis.

You might try a rubbing compound.  It usually comes in three or more
of abrasiveness.  Start with the least abrasive first to see if it will
out the scuffs.  You may have to go with a more abrasive for heavy
and the finish with the least abrasive.

If the scuff are just on the surface of the paint then the rubbing
compounds should
polish out the marrs.  Last step would be a nice coat of wax.  If your
paint is sratched
or rubbed away then you are looking at touchup painting or repainting.

I've had a lot of success with rubbing compounds if the paint has just
been dulled by
rubbing or scuffing or if someone else deposited their paint on my car.

Good luck!!! Let me know how it goes.


John Legelis wrote:
> My 97 A4Q is the first car I've owned with painted bumpers.  After only 7k
> miles ther rear bumper has been  scuffed and marred in a number places by
> careless bumper-kissing New England parallel parkers.   It's quite
> frustrating to have a shiny, dent-free car blemished in this fashion.  Have
> other people experienced this issue?  Any thoughs?  Is respraying the
> bumber expensive?
> Thanks.
> p.s. My car is dark blue metallic - perhaps it shows damage a little more
> readily than the other colors?