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Re: Cold Start Sputter &Techron did what?

Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:

> Hi Folks,
>      Nothing major, but a couple of things are buggin' me today.
>      For about a month now, I have to wait about 30-40 seconds or so
> to
> take off from a cold start or the 90Q20v
>      coughs and sputters a bit.  If I wait 30-40 seconds or just get
> it
> going thru the sputters, it's fine..and continues
>      fine until the next cold start...any ideas?  I used to be able to
> drive immediately.  Car has a young 140K miles.
>      Second...I'm leaking oil directly out of my filler cap...not much
> but
> messy.  I recently used Techron in my gas
>      and am wondering (perhaps stupidly) if this has anything to do
> with it
> as I've heard the Techron does odd
>      things to your oil as it slips by.....here's the kicker...my
> mileage
> improved by about 4-5 percent...for the first time
>      in my cars' one year 47 thousand mile history with me.  No matter
> what
> I did I would end every normal work week
>      with a computer calculated 23.1 mpg...I changed tires and it
> dropped
> to 22.5 consistantly...put in the Techron
>      and I'm at 23.5.
>      Any words of wisdom?
>      TIA..Royal

 Have the fualt codes read. I bet it's the heater in the O2 sensor and
starting off with a
cold non working O2 sensor. They need to be hot to work right.

1990 QC