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ur-q using oil - turbo ??

In message <339DBCFB.1D28@iol.ie> George Harrison writes:

> Checked all the plugs today...all look the same....a bit sooty.
> Nothing strange to report about the valve guide job that was done.
> Unless...the new stem oil seal kit came with a little plastic thingy for
> all the world like a condom for a hamster!  It was after the job was
> done that I found out it's purpose....it's meant to be put on to the
> valve stem (covers the grooves for the collets) to protect the new stem
> seal as you push the valve up thru it. 

Went through the instructions on the fiche - nothing unusual really.  Just a 
note to be careful not to exceed one tonne once the "Bund" is home - I assume 
that's the raised locating part of the guide.  And "unbedingt" (like - _DO_ 
_IT_) to use "bohrwasser" (soluble oil?) when working on the guides with a hand 
file.  This is amazing - I didn't know what a "Handreibahle" was, so I looked 
it up in Schoeffler-Weis.  The English translation it gives is "broach" - 
which I _also_ had to look up in the OED.

> New head bolts used on assembly, all tightened to 29ft.lb. then 43ft.lb.
> then 54ft.lb. then .25 turn more with breaker bar.

Not what the fiche says.
40Nm, 60Nm, 180 degrees.  2 x 90 degrees is permitted.  Did going from 43 lb ft 
to 54 lb involve a quarter turn?  If not, your head bolts aren't tight enough. 

The sequence is:

                                  12     9
                                   8     5
                                   2     3
                                   4     1
                                   6     7
                                  10     11
I was amazed to find it in very tiny print on the wrapping of my last head 
 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club