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Euro-spec Ur-Q parts fiche & service docs...

Winging its way across the ocean from the UK as I write this, is a package
that contains parts fiche(s) for an Ur-Q (reportedly including the 1991
20v!) as well as various VAG diagnostic/service procedure documents and (I
think) some wiring schematics.  This stuff is all on loan and must be
returned (sigh), so it's my intention to make copies of everything.

My first thought was to copy the fiche onto paper at the local library using
their fancy mirofiche reader with the built-in copier ($.25 per page last
time I checked) but I'm now thinking it might easier to have it copied
professionally instead, assuming that enough folks are willing to chip-in to
defray the cost.

I have no idea what the cost will be (obviously, it depends upon how many
folks are contributing) but if you'd like a copy of any or all of this
stuff, drop me a note.  Given its mailing date from the UK, it should arrive
in my mailbox before the end of the week.  When it does, I will post back
with a more detailed list of exactly what the package contains ... should be
interesting to see what our euro-friends have and we don't, eh?  :^)

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