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re:'90 90Q20V oil consumption

Dan Cooke asked:

Does anyone else's 20V engines consume around a quart of oil every
1500 miles or thereabouts?  Changing the oil last night, I also noticed
spent oil around the bottom of the oil pan near the oil plug.  These plugs
are the larger ones (not like the 4KQ's).  Is there suppose to be a seal
or washer on the plug (mine doesn't have any)?
Royal says:

Mine consumes about a quart of Mobil 1 every 2K-2.5K miles...as do most...I
from folks that I have talked to.

Now...go out and get yourself a small pile of copper washers
IMMEDIATELY...I don't know
how you would be able to keep your oil in the pan without over-torqueing
the oil plug
which will most certainly damage that *very* expensive oil pan!  My guess
is that your
oil consumption will mysteriously decrease when you get a washer on that
plug! :-)

Paul Royal
'90 90Q20v