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lel@meditech.com wrote:
>   TO:  A4 Owners
> FROM:  lel@meditech.com
> Help?  A fellow Audi Owner and ex-coworker of mine,
> Sean Ford gave me this address to ask a few questions
> about the A4.  I'm in the process of looking for one
> and my first experience was with Bernardi in Natick.
> Needless to say, I left car-less.
> The Salesman had one demo car to show me and the bottom line
> was that I would have to leave a deposit and order a car.
> Even if I do, I don't feel that I'm getting exactly what
> I want.  And the best he could tell me was that it would
> be in 'sometime in August'.
> Questions:
> Has that been the general buying experience?  If you've
> ordered a car, how long have you waited for delivery?

I ordered end of January, week of the 20th I think, the
car was ready and picked up at the dealer March 28th.

> Which is the best dealership in the Boston area?

Can't help you there, I currently live in New Jersey.
> Is there any 'wheeling/dealing' in the purchase price?

I received no slack on prices for extra's such as Quattro
but did receive 1500 customer credit before we started
talking turkey.
> Have there been any mechanical problems with the A4?

Currently have a little over 6000 miles and ZERO problems!
This is my first new car, the only other cars I've drivin
have been Volvo's (81 GL,86 740 GLE,92 760 Turbo) the
A4 drives more confidently and solid that all those
cars even when they were brand new. 

> I have access to sending and receiving e-mail but do not have
> direct internet access to the list.

Just reply if you have any further questions. 
> Thanks for any and all replies!
> - Lorraine
The wait was long but WELL worth it!