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Re: Recirc vent repair

> Thanks to Steve B for the quick archive update. My local crappy Audi dealer
> was clueless, so Linda is winging the replacement bracket from CA for a
> whopping $7.50 (2.00 off normal price) plus shipping, and is enclosing a
> copy of the updated TSB for me. I will post the part number when it arrives
> in 2 days or so, and any changes WRT the TSB.
> ********************************AUDI FAN***********************************
>                                    EMCM(SW) Dave Head  
> 87 5KCStq 193K miles                1.7 bar 
>     qcusa #3442                 Maitland, Florida   
> ******************************************************************************

Hi Dave,
sorry that I didn't see your mail before you ordered.
When my bracket broke, the one in the flap, not on the servo,
I drilled a 3mm hole and pushed a 3mm copper wire through it,
Has worked like a charme for the last 6 month.
- Hans

'86 5KCST (196k 1.5 bar)
'89 200Q  (128k 1.8 bar)