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FS:89 200tq

I didn't know how to put 'possibly for sale' into abreviated form, but I
might as well give out the details now. I work for a German car repair/sales
facility. We are about to trade in the above mentioned car and I thought I
might as well get the ball rolling. The car is not in terrible shape. The
worst of it is minor front end damage, such as one headlamp ass. fr. bumper
ass. and trim pieces. The car had been in a minor accident 1.5 years ago and
needed the same parts I just mentioned (the hit wasn't at all bad, and
didn't damage any sheet metal) Just recently an even lesser 'hit' did the
present damage, a result of a far sighted driver (or is that near sighted??)
Anyway, to make a long story short, we should be trading the car in early
next week. It is fully loaded, with leather, SR, all the power goodies, OEM
bbs wheels, tires fair, etc... The car had been a regular customer as far as
tune-ups and oil changes were concerned. The car has 92k miles on it. As a
matter of fact, I had at one time told the present owners I wanted to buy
the car, but had picked up an 87 5kq in the mean time. I had made sure they
brought the car in for regular service and cooled the turbo after long, hot
trips. I 'THINK' the price will be less than $5000, probably closer to
$4500. If interested, leave me mail and I'll get back to you  as soon as we
make the trade. BTW, we are located in Reading Pa. Delivery is available for
extra $$$

                       Rolf Mair is: waves@epix.net
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