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California USA - Classic Car Smog Exemption Bill

My profuse apologies to all of the q-listers that do not live in the
state of California in the good ol' US of A.  There is a proposed law in 
this state that would exempt cars 25 years or older from the current 
smog check requirements, which are now such that it will be increasingly
difficult for older cars to pass ... even though they meet the emission 
level requirements as of manufacture.  I think that this law is very 
important (especially as my QTC approaches that point) so I want to make 
everyone aware that the bill will come up for a vote soon, and everyone 
California that has an opion on it should make that opinion known to 
their elected representatives.  Here is a copy of the notice ...

----- Begin Included Message -----

        From:     Senator Quentin L. Kopp
        To:       Supporters of SB 42-  Classic Car Smog Check Exemption
        Subject:  Support at Assembly Transportation Committee Hearing
        Thank you again for your support of my SB 42 which would exempt 
        all vehicles 25 or more model years old from the biennial smog 
        check requirement.  I would like to elicit your further support 
        through attendance at the Monday, June 16, 1997 hearing on the 
        bill by the Assembly Transportation Committee.  The hearing will 
        commence at 1:30 p.m. in Room 4202 in the State Capitol in 
        It is vitally important that supporters of SB 42 show their 
        support in order to overcome the opposition to the bill by the 
        Air Resources Board and Bureau of Automotive Repair.  Those of 
        you who have written to me in support of the legislation are 
        uniquely qualified to articulate the merits of the proposal and 
        answer questions with regard to the vehicles which would be 
        affected and benefit from the bill.
        I look forward to your attendance at the hearing and that of 
        others who support SB 42.  Your further dissemination of this 
        memorandum and request is also appreciated very much.
----- End Included Message -----

Thanks for your consideration!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)