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Euro-spec Ur-Q parts fich

 -=> Jeffrey J  Goggin illuminates us with <=-

 JJG> My first thought was to copy the fiche onto paper at the local library
 JJG> using their fancy mirofiche reader with the built-in copier ($.25 per
 JJG> page last time I checked) but I'm now thinking it might easier to have
 JJG> it copied professionally instead, assuming that enough folks are
 JJG> willing to chip-in to defray the cost.

      About 2 years ago I had the V8Q fiche copied (I already
      had the original manual, but subsequent changes were
      only incorported in the fiche.)  I had it done at 
      the MIT (university) copy center. They charge
      Per Printed Page, so, I had them place two fiche
      pages on every printed page. The cost was 25cents
      per page, so in reality it cost me 14.5cents for
      each fiche page. If the fiches to be copied have
      been used, even once, the quality of the copy isn't the
      greatest, so putting two on a page actually makes
      them more readable. Less defects and contamination
      show up on the copy.

      If you do copy the fiche, go through every page and check
      it when you receive it. Depending on the equipment used
      there seems to be an inherent problem with some fiche
      copiers going out of focus.


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