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Big bucks gone

Well, I just spent over $1500 on the 5ktq. lots of suspension stuff, shocks,
springs, bushings, tie rods, bearings and a few more misc. goodies.

I found some great prices on Koni Shocks, front control arms, and rear trap
arm bushings.

I got the Koni gas adjust shocks for $395. (all four corners)
I found rear trap arm bushings (4 per side, Late 86 and later cars) $102/side
And I found front control arms for $100 each.
I think I also bought the last pair of Eibach springs in the country for
this car....  I looked high and low, finally found a set at Wolf sport, I
did talk to a vendor who gave me a price for the set, but I did not ask if
he had them in stock.

If anyone wants the phone #'s for these vendors let me know. :-)