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this dysfunctional digest (a bit long)

I read this digest to get info on quattros and for a short, stimulating
diversion from work tasks.  All this posturing and namecalling is really
detracting from meeting these requirements.  Personal jibes don't answer
Audi questions and create such a negative energy that it doesn't provide
a relief from work, either.

One possible source of friction is from people who are or want to be
marketing modifications.  They feel that they have a great deal to
contribute, but have the conflict of not wanting to give away
information from which they want a profit.  Fair enough.  But to dangle
half answers and wonder why the public doesn't come grovelling for
answers is, at least, not professional.  It also causes a lot of
disruption in the newsgroup.  

I subscribe to several other newsgroups and don't see this attitude.
I'll also note that I do not read or contribute to aerospace newsgroups.
 I could contribute very little without the risk of giving out
proprietary info and expect other professionals to feel likewise.  

One interesting test is to look at how many queries a list member has
versus answers.  If all one has is answers, then why subscribe - out of
altruism?  An egotistical altruist?

I try to balance questions and answers, and when I feel that I have an
answer, I give every bit of info that I can substantiate.  Sadly, my
last entries included topics of 1) manuals other than Bentley, 2) timing
belt replacement interval for 20v and 3) an addition to the gossipy
engineering thread. "Sadly" because only the engineering bit received a

robert hardwick, seattle usa