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RE; 90q20v brakes & belts

It was asked:

>>On my lunch break today I decided to stop off at Rusnak Motorcars to see
>>they had any of the previous owner's service records on file.  They did
>>according to their files nothing but oil changes had been done to my car.
>> The car now has 98K miles on it and as far as I can tell none of the
>>have been changed.  The dealer quoted around $400.  I've heard that you
>>get to the belts with out disassembling the entire front end (bumper,
>>etc...) Anyone do this themselves?  He also told me that some 90q20v
>>brakes service is in the $600 range unless I don't have the "expensive
>>which he says are only on some 90q20v.  How do I know?

1. If "belts" include the timing belt...this is NOT an option...even if you
have to guess
    it needs to be changed..this is an interference engine and if the belt
2. Expect a timing belt change to run $225-300 parts and labor...no, you do
not have to
   dissemble the front of the car...but it helps.
3. $600 is not that high...but it's not great either...$150 absolute max
for great labor...
   part extra..the "expensive kind" are the small 256mm rotors as opposed
to the 276mm
   rotors...it probably has 256mm ones...does it have 14 inch
wheels?...that's a good
   indication...dealer rotors will run $120-$135 EACH!....but you can call
"Best Price"
   in Ottawa Canada and pay less than $70 a piece US including shipping.
   Mail me if you want to know more.

Paul Royal
ex-Software Test Engineer
currently: Senior Project Leader...next...G-OK?
90Q20v (small rotors...AFT Carbon Kevlars....SCREEEEEEEch!