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5000 automatic leaks

After my second attempt to seal the auto trans on my 86 5000CST, I need

The leak is from the pan and/or dipstick fitting.  The first time I took
the pan off to do a long overdue ATF change.  Before this, it had not
been leaking at all.  I replaced the strainer, strainer gasket, and pan
gasket.  The pan gasket needed a bit of a stretch to fit on the bead of
the pan before installing.  bad gasket?  I seeped after a couple of
days.  I took it off, cleaned some old sealer off, and re-installed
gasket, as it seemed OK, and did not need the stretch this time.  It is
seeping again.

Do I need to use permatex on the gasket?  I have a new one now, and will
do it this weekend, but I hate using the stuff, as next time, It's a
mess to clean.

I'm also not sure if the compression ring fitting for the dipstick tube
is leaking.  This was always a problem on my Mom's 5000, and it's still
leaking at that joint even after a dealer replacement of the gearbox
(2nd time under warranty)

Are there any tricks?


Jeremy Walters
San Ramon, CA