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RE: Anyone Modify a Coupe Quattro '90-'91, '92?

Folklore has it that the best way to improve the midrange is the
Schaumburg throttle body. Most everything else will increase horsepower,
but at the upper end. OTOH, my CQ loves to rev, and sounds *OK* <big
effing grin every time I get the chance> up there. It's kind of nice to
pull onto 128 (non-Bostonians, this is the ring road around Boston
notorious for its courteous and slow drivers) at 3K rpm in third, punch
it, slide into that CQ-sized space you just spotted, and only have to
shift when you want to relax and not drill the sled in front of you.

I am on a frolic similar to what you describe, with a gradual upgrade
policy in place. When it breaks, I upgrade it rather than just replace
it. My plan was brakes, suspension, wheels/tires, seats, engine. I got
hit recently, requiring two new wheels, paid for by the other guy's
insurance, so I upgraded all 4 wheels and tires, out of order in my
plan, but the price was right! Notice exhaust and radiator are
conspicuously absent. The exhaust is stainless steel, and mine is in
fine shape (commute > 1 hour heats it up enough to burn out the
corrosive junk), except where the donuts died, dropping it onto the LR
halfshaft and wearing a hole in it, which I had welded. Radiator is fine
(knock on my forehead, it's teak, dontchaknow). Brakes are going to run
me a little less than a grand, for bomb, stock rotors (not drilled or
slotted, I don't drive on a track enough yet to justify the huge price
delta), carbon pads, stainless steel lines, fluid. Suspension will
prolly happen in stages, with the bushings happening Real Soon, shortly
after the brakes, I guess. Next will be springs (I think mine are fine,
but a little soft and a little tall) and shocks. Once *that's* done,
then I get to replace the seats, at least the driver's one, with
something that affords enough headroom, and a *little* more lateral
support. By this time, I should be approaching retirement, so a nice
Barcalounger might be more appropriate.

I'm doing this because this is the first car I've had that I liked
enough to want to invest in. Invest here means for performance and
comfort, not for financial gain. HTH.

-Ian Duff.
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	Hi Ian,

	I'd just settle for some more low end torque.  Once the engine
gets going,
	it seemed fine.  Besides, if you add substantially more power,
	everything else will need to be revved.  Do you know of any
	to help here?

	My checkbook impedance for a 7 yr old car is relatively small so
I have a
	lot of resistance making lots of modifications, but I would
spend about
	$3-5K on a used '91 to restore it.  If you bought a used 91,
what would you
	replace to restore it to original spec?

	Some of the things I would think of doing are the following:
		- new Bilstein shocks, bushings, etc misc suspension
		- are new springs needed on a 7 yr car -- How are yours?
		- new tires (what size is on the car?)
		- some work to increase the low end torque?
		- exhaust (how long does the stock one last?)
		- radiator (how is the one in your car?)