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Will RIPP tell all?

Ya know,

 Some of you have or are putting Ross in a no win situation.  When he does post
if you get a hint of him puffing up his chest you slam him. Right, like he is
the only chest puffer here.

When he forgets the caps lock, unlikely by now, you slam him.

Now you want to know what he has done in detail.  Well I just know that if you
catch wind of any "sales" attitude in those posts he will get slammed yet again.
Either for the sales angle or 'cause he didn't give up enough.  And tell me just
why is supposed to give up all this info?  Could it be because he found you all
so receptive to him?  So welcoming?  Could it be because you all forgave him for
his inexperience at the keyboard?  Oh gee Ross thats OK, just please be sure you
haven't hit the caps key.

I know there is alot of free exchange of information on this list.  This why we
are here.  

Remember Peter Wales?  He got much the same treatment.  And he gave up quite a
bit of info.  Now he is gone and he could have been of help.

OK, Ross's big Spearco IC.  What do you want to know?  How big?  How many CFM it
will flow at a given pressure?  What is the pressure drop at what boost level.
Part numbers?  Custom end tanks?  Name of the person at Spearco who made the
tanks?  That welders birthday?  When would it stop?

If you think Ross is the only person out there who has done something on his own
forget it.  Some of those very people are right here and they aren't telling all
either. And when some tell they are told that they just did something that can't
work anyway so where is the impetus to tell?

Now the way I see it since Ross is in business to sell this stuff if you want to
buy it is he should say nothing.  Tell nothing and let the mag article say it
all.  He needed it, he made/bought it and adapted to his car.  There it is in
black and white.  Interested?  Call him.  You do have his phone number.  And it
will be told off the list where I hope he is safe.

I hope he flat out screams at the Glen.  I hope he won't even open his hood!