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Re: Ross is Boss

       I only have one thing to add to this whole bullshit thread.  Ross is
the only one  on the list not pissin' and moanin' about one thing or another.
  I've read alot of very informative posts on the list in the last couple of
years,  and I can still say that everybody here has more to learn on one
subject or another.  I could name a few,  maybe the top five most
knowlegeable who I trust more than anybody else. (but that would start
another pissy string)   I'm sure Ross is a busy guy like most of us,  and one
thing I personally dont have time for is sorting through all of this
adolescent crap.  Hopefully Ross can find the time to cut through the
bullshit from the winers and possibly pass along some of his knowlege and
experience to the rest of us who would appreciate it. 
     It's kinda funny how a computer can modify peoples attitudes and
perspectives so radically.  If Ross'  Q showed up at your local event
everybody would be all over it,  and every body would be so congienial about
it, but as soon as he left someone would be thrashin' on him 'cause his car
isn't like the rest of them.



You would think this was the Bimmer list or sumpin'.

And Ross,  your welcome to post any tricks, tips, or stories about you Bad
Ride here regardless what the kids say.

Peace, out.