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Re: 4000cs q newbie

PJ wrote:
> Hi all,
> Being new to this list, I thought I'd say hello. I have a few questions
> I hope you can answer.
> I just picked up a 86 4000cs q for 600 bucks. It's what I would call "a
> project car", as I don't expect to see it registered anytime soon. It
> needs a new drivers door and lots of TLC, but it also has some
> mechanical problems that I need some input on:
> The car make quite a racket when you drive above, say, 20mph. It sounds
> like a whump-whump-whump, and is quite clear inside the car, but not at
> all outside. We thought it might be a problem with the 4wd, so we put
> the car up on blocks. The rear wheels did not turn when I put the car in
> gear! This car is perm 4wd, correct? When I locked either the center or
> rear differential, the wheels would turn. Anyone have any ideas? Is this
> normal (maybe something to do with LSD)? Again, I'm new to this, so any
> hints would be well appreciated.
> Finally, I need a manual! Does anyone have one for sale, or can someone
> tell me how good the Audi shop manuals are? I was going to get a
> Bentley, but was told they were out of print, and now I want to know if
> the Audi manual are any good (my Toyota MR2 manuals are great).
> Thanks for your help!
> Paul
> =)
> 86 4000cs Quattro, 120k red leather

	If I am not mistaken, when you lose traction to one wheel, the car
transfers most of the power to that wheel.  This is where other awd
vehicles stop and quattro begins.  When you lock the center diff, it
separates the front and rear into two separate systems, creating a 50-50
power split, hence then making both the front and rear wheels spin.  
	Does the car make the noise, with the diffs locked while the car is on
jacks?  If so, it shouldn't be real hard to pinpoint then.
	You will no doubt get several replies to your list, so you shouldn't
have any problem figuring out what the heck is wrong.
	Congratulations on your purchase, you bought a car with a lot of life
left in it.  120k ain't nothing.  btw, is that miles or kilometers?
Aaron LaPointe
85 4ksq 300,000+miles