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Re: Will RIPP tell all?

> Yes.  Even something _approaching_ this level of detail would be great,
> but Ross won't talk, even in private email he has sent me.  Ross claimed
> 1380cfm flow through his intercooler.  Obviously that is not on the car,
> because even a wild turbo won't flow that amount of air on the 2.2turbo (I
> don't think.)  So, what test rig produced that kind flow, and why is it
> significant to the 5KCSTQ? 
> 	Then Ross told us that we weren't getting the boost we thought
> because our stock intercoolers suck.  Well, I have a boost gauge in the
> manifold, so I know that I'm getting 14 - 17psi, and I'm able to get up to
> 22psi _IN THE INTAKE MANIFOLD_.  I saw it with my own two eyes (Brendan
> was watching the road :-) I know I'd get more if I had a better I'cooler,
> but that is with the stock one. 

Ahem, pressure isn't everything... temperature matters _a lot_.  You can
have 22psi, but if it's real hot, you aren't getting any more air mass
in the cylinders than lower pressure cooler air.

This is why we have intercoolers in the first place...  It has been
stated before on the list that you may be seeing 20psi or whatever,
but you aren't actually getting more power due to the increased temperature.
With a better intercooler, you may get _lower_ boost pressure,
but _more_ power.  

I think Ross is just getting his terms mixed up here.  The 1380cfm does
sound like a useless number BTW without knowing the pressure drop etc..