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re: '84 5000


I had a similar problem on my 90 Coupe quattro. Warm restarts were not easy.
Car would spin and spin and finally catch. After stopping for lunch (30 min)
if I turned the key to the on position, and waited 20-30 seconds, the car 
would then restart fine. The extra time allows the fuel to repressurize.
The fix was a new fuel pump check valve. This is (from what I've been told) a
fairly common problem.

Good luck,
Scott Malcolm
1990 CQ

Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 15:34:36 -0700
From: "Rick H. Louie" <rlouie@usa.net>
Subject: '84 5000

My mom has a 1984 Audi 5000, auto, power everything, with about 48K on
the odometer.  I know that there were a lot of problems with that year
and she has experienced most.

One that the mechanic can't seem to figure out is a warm start problem. 
When ever the engine is warm from use and has only been shut down for
about 5-15 minutes, like going into the bank, the car is then very hard
to start!  There are no problems starting it on cold days or even after
sitting all day in the sun, but just after recent use does it have
problems starting back up.

Any help would be appreciated.
- -- 
** God Bless! **
Rick H. Louie
1984 Coupe GT - Zermatt Silver, 127K, New suspension & exhaust coming