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Re: Ripp @ Mt. Washington

In a message dated 97-06-12 02:33:16 EDT, WARATAP@aol.com writes:

re: Ross' 5000TQ
>Saw your 5k-not-so-stock-tq on Jim's Griffin's web site and after reading
>the discussions on the qlist thought it would be great if you could visit
>Mt. Washington Hillclimb, if possible. 

Actually I posed that question to Ross when I met him at SkiSawmill, he
hinted it was a bit far north for his tastes, but always possible. On a
related note, I heard Bruno's rallycar was damaged to the tune of $10k, and
his shoulder was bothering him enough to keep him from running the Hillclimb.
Bummer, but hopefully he'll be well enough to spectate!

Chris Semple
'87 4000q
   '84 4000q
       '83 TQC
           '83 TQC