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engine cleaning

in a previous business many years ago we had a fleet of 18 pinto wagons in
toronto (a very humid place). whenever one wouldn't start, which was
freqently, all we needed to do was squirt wd40 over the leads and the cap
and it would fire up immediately. this was really great in the winter when
freezing rain would follow a heavy downpour. when you'd open the hood you
could see copious quantities of condensation clinging to the cars crannies
and corners and cables. a shot of the magic mist and it would run fine. and
never an explosion or fire.
86 5kcdtq

ps audi stuff- my cars horn didn't work when i purchased it used almost a
year ago. voltage was getting to the slider and the horn button but there
was no ground return. the ground disappeared at the joint in the steering
column where the upper section slides into the nylon bushings of the lower
half. i rigged a jumper around this joint, so it works now, but could find
no evidence of what should have been there. any ideas??????????