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Clutch Blues

Well, it happened AGAIN, I fixed another problem on my 5000 and a new one 
popped up within 6 hours.
I went to let off my clutch and it would not return all of the way back up.
no clutch slippage at all but less pedal travel. It also is NOT losing any 
brake fluid that is visible to me. So, what's the verdict? New slave cylinder?
Return spring? 
If it is the slave cylinder, how do you remove it?? I went ahead and removed 
the clip and pin out of my spare 5-spd and it would not budge? Am I missing 
something or should I just use some good penetrating oil??
Thanks in advance for any replies,
Rich Andrews

P.S. it is also the first 90-95 degree day here, Could this affect it???
BTW, I did bleed the slave twice and did get better pedal feel but it 
seemed to get slow on returning back up after a while.