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RE: V8 Valdez -or- why no Audi dealers can even spell V8

Soon after buying my 5K auto I brought it to VW/Audi dealer for a
tuneup. I told them to check the differential oil level and they
answered: "We can't do that, it's a sealed unit, there's no filler plug"
I could tell few more storied about dealer incompetence...


	>I brought the car into Rockville Porsche Audi for >the work.
When I brought it 
	>in, I even gave them the Service Bulletin that >described a
leak that sounded 
	>similar (an earlier post here).  They called me up >and said
"There is no leak 
	>and the sensor is fine"  ARRGGHHH!!!  I asked if >they had
driven it and really 
	>did not get a response.  It is amazing how >incompetent dealers
can be....Of