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Source for Shocks

For those of you who have requested sources for shocks, the vendor I've listed 
below has provided me with excellent prices and customer service for many 
years.  Check out their web page for more info.

I just ordered replacement four Sachs/Boge (OEM) shocks for my 90 V8Q at a 
cost of $315.52 including shipping.  Koni shocks are also available but would 
have to be ordered from Europe, and were more costly.

For any V8 owners that want OEM shocks, here are the Sach/Boge part numbers:

		Front	443413031D   $65.87 each
		Rear	441513031B   $84.44 each

The vendor is:		The Shock Warehouse
			Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Hope this helps!

Greg Owens
Seattle, WA		'90 V8Q