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RE: shudder when braking

My original inquiry:
> I sometimes have encountered the following with our 93 100 CSQW 
> While coming to a stop I will sometimes get a shudder which feels very similar to that which occurs in a manual transmission when the car is slowed without engaging the clutch. The feeling is that of the engine trying to continue to move the car forward which conflicts with the brakes being applied. My foot is NOT on the accelerator (oh no, not that).
> Also, although the sensation is similar to the ABS shudder, it occurs in dry, clean conditions where tire slippage is NOT occuring so I would not expect ABS to activate.

> Any others with similar experiances?

Trisha replied:
Yep....warped rotors....and it seems that they do that a lot...

Darin replied:
Our V8Q does it... I think it is called warped rotors my friend. 

Trisha & Darin,

Thanks for your replies...

If the rotors were warped... why would the characteristic not consistantly happen all of the time. My wife is the primary driver so I don't get as much time as here, and she says she notices it about every other week. I typically get to drive it on our weekend ventures to the lake and have noticed it also. From the amount of stops and starts I do (far less than her amount), and the frequency in which I notice this symptom, I have a hard time suspecting the rotors.

Then again, I'm not too smart in these matters... I just assume rotor warpage would create a more consistant shudder in all (or at least most) braking situations.


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Eric Billing wrote:
> Listers...
> I sometimes have encountered the following with our 93 100 CSQW (auto transmission of course).