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Re: Headlight condensation

>  >      Also, I have condensation(?) in my right headlamp
>  When I went out to the car last night at the Club meeting, I had exactly the
>  same problem.   I wonder what we'll find?
>   >>

> Two possible sources that I can think of:
> 1)  Stone chip --the obvious one

	My lamps are almost brand new and I cannot find a single chip. As a
matter of fact, there's hardly any pitting. Gimme a few weeks however.

> 2) For Euro/Aero factory flush mounted headlights.  Blocked headlight vent
> hole(s).  Hard to see unless you remove the headlight lens assembly.  On my
> V8Q, for example, there is an upper vent at the inner headlight housing and
> lower vent at the outer side.  Also, there are rubber boots attached that
> angle downward, presumably to prevent water from directly entering the
> headlight.  If you have the headlight out, remove the rubber boots and check
> for blockage.  I found that some of the chromed plastic for the reflector on
> the pass. side had not been suffiently cleared before assembly, so I used a
> knife to bring it to its rightful size.  These vent holes serve to keep the
> humity factor equal between the inside and outside of the lens.

	Does anyone know if 4K/Coupe headlamps have these so I don't have to
take mine out? Although I am quite sure that there are in fact no

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