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RE: ur-q colors -Reply


> please do your best to describe your Llasa Green color.
> When I look at your pictures via the net it appears fairly dark in
> shade...i.e.  nearly evergreen with silver metallic undertones...?
> I'm still searching for info on urQ green colors...particularly those
> of much lighter shade...i.e ice metallic green (w/ no blue)

Lhasa green is as you have seen it, the shaded parts
are almost black where the lighted part are a medium
green with the silver thrown in. The color is very
dependent on ambient light. On a dark overcast day, 
the car sometimes looks black, in bright sun, it 
lightens up and the silver shows through. There are
other audi/vw colors from this period whose appearance
change with the lighting conditions, amazon blue metallic
comes to mind.

As for a very light green, there isn't one identified
in the paint codes. I have seen an early 944 the color you
descibe, but never an Audi ur-q.

Last night I saw a 92/93 lago blue S4, don't know of 
many S4s this color.
Dave Lawson