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Re: Killer engines - a real thread

I have a project like this on the back burner.
The only things procured so far are pistons,
crank (still in Glenn's basement), block,
and a gaggle of turbocharger to play with.

Right now I am only thinking about the bottom end.

One of the keys would seem to be fitting longer
rods.  To do so you need a taller block (not available)
higher compression (don't want too much higher maybe 7.8:1)
or a relocated wrist pin location in the piston.  However
the JE pistons I got with the 0.100 overbore for cheap have
standard locations and compression.  One additional item 
would be regrinding the crank to increase stroke slightly.
So with a fresh head that's not been planed, 7.8:1 compression
and a tweaked crank, I might be able to go slightly longer
and have some custom rods made up to tie it together.  Carrillo
or Crower can make up pretty much anything and it'll hold 
together at up to about 8000 rpm. I have to sit down an learn
the math involved, but think I would have slightly less than 
2.5 liters, depending upon the crank work.

On the turbocharger front, does anyone have a K27 cold side
impellor/wheel assembly lying around for not too much $$$  ?

The top end of the motor will wait until next year at the earliest.

paul timmerman