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RE: engine cleaning

Thanks, you made me look into the subject more closely.

Boeshield does work to the same spec as LP 3.  The spec is for a water
displacing corrosion inhibiting compound (CIC).  There is, however
another spec for another organic CIC which is harder and longer lasting
than LP 3, although not specified as water displacing.  This other
compound is LP B1007.  There is no equivalent Boe__ part.

There's yet another spec for a CIC that also displaces water, like both
of the above combined.  The LPS Labs formula is called "Procyon" and I'm
not sure about availability, both from a where to buy as well as if it's
available in aerosol (as opposed to 50 gal. drums!).  There are a couple
of other vendors which have qualified to this spec, but their names were
unfamiliar to me and I didn't expect them to be available to us
noncommercial types.

cheers, Robert

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><<On aircraft we use a wax coating, LPS 3, as a final step to help slow down
>corrosion.  It's available as an aerosol, especially from marine supply
>Is this the same stuff as Boeshield? That is a waxy protectant/lubricant
>which I use on my boat which I understand was developed for or by Boeing. If
>LPS 3 is a simular product it may be far less expensive. Excellent stuff for
>boats, never thought of using on a car-thanks Robert for the great tip!
>Mike Veglia
>85 4ksq
>79 Un-30 with Boeshield protecting the metal stuff