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Customer Service

<sound of telephone ringing>
DTD "Hello, Discount Tire Direct"
Ian "I bought a set of wheels and tires from you a while back, and would
like to find out which kind of wheel locks I should get for them."
DTD "Didn't you get a set with your wheels?"
Ian "Nope."
DTD "Oh, ...we didn't have the correct size for your Coupe quattro then.
Let me check...We have them now, I've just UPSed a set to you, sorry you
didn't get them the first time."

A set of Gorilla locks arrived two days later.

Putting them on, the Craftsman 3/8" - 1/2" adapter that allowed me to
use my 17mm 3/8" drive socket on my breaker bar (remove) and torque
wrench (install) snapped. Hop into my wife's Passat, off to Sears, get
new adapter for free, as well as buy new 1/2" drive 17mm socket.

WOW! Customer service. Just another happy Discount Tire Direct and Sears
camper, IUD here.

-Ian Duff.