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Re: Ross, Ross, where are you?

-- [ From: Huw Powell * EMC.Ver #3.1a ] --

Seems to me Ross would, can, and might become a positive addition to this
list, but every time he lifts his head the gunshots echo on for *weeks*. 
He's probably terrified of what the results would be if he actually said
something substantive.

Hey Ross, where did you get your strut braces, or are they custom, and what
were the criterion?  What did you learn *not* to do?

>>...and remove that banner from all his posts - that I do find

>let's just outlaw all banners and .sig  files...

How about some subtlety here... I have a dumb flag pointing to my business
web site - but it would be too much trouble to turn it on and off all the
time.  I've noticed many various work and play related .sig files....

However, you don't see Eric F. or Scott J. or Chris S. (for example)
promoting their Audi products directly in their posts.  Isn't that the
protocol - if you are professionally selling, let it come up by word of
mouth and then handle it via private e-mail?  IE no direct vendor
advertising.   Considering the volume of bad ASCII art I think Ross is
entitled to his two line tag - or maybe Dan should set up the list to garble
and blend all our tag lines - like "Hairy Green Humans Too Fat to Care
Spoken Effluently Here!"  Am I having fun yet?  It's the heat, ooooh...

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers