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Re: AC Bracket

At 08:41 AM 6/13/97 CDT, you wrote:
>> OK - (looking up from the bottom) under the crosspiece where the
>> vacuum motor locks in is another crosspiece that my spring is
>> attached to on the up side. Down side is on center of the recirc
>> door. If this is where yours is and its still too loose, maybe its
>> the wrong spring, or the replacement spring has less tension. Mine
>> has a LOT of tension on it.
>Well, shuck-n's. Sounds like mine - I will peek and refresh my 
>memory.  Mebbe I just need to order the REAL spring instead of 
>getting by with an aftermarket one.  Linda @ Carlsen may get a call.  
>It did appear that the original spring was much stronger than I 
>would have expected.

>From TSB 91-03
Spring: 443 271 241

If'n bracket breaks for vacuum motor: 200 271 200 This is stamped steel over
1/8" thick - the car will be dust and so will we afore it breaks...

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