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Re: Moving to the UK

Tamas Bertenyi writes:

>Well, as much as I am enjoying my quiet, safe life here in Ottawa
>Canada, it is time to leave the colonies behind! I am being packaged
>up and shipped off to England for at least a three year term....
>I have only owned my lovely '90 90q20v for a year but I am absolutely
>in love with it... I am considering taking my car with me.

Well, good on 'yer ... I'd love to go back there, but couldn't afford
to live (witness my post a couple days ago about Audi prices).

Now, all the usual disclaimers apply, and you'll have to get official
ruling probably, but by the numbers of Yank cars I used to see over
there, there shouldn't be any problem with taking over your Audi.
Now, whether I'd advise taking a left-hand-drive car to a right-hand-
drive country, is a completely different matter!

The only real experience I've had of your task was secondhand.  About
7-8 years ago an English friend decided he'd had enough of the US
& decided to go home, taking his lovely Triumph TR6 (US model) with
him.  He had no import issues, and the cost was fairly low (approx
600 dollars shipping & insurance by sea) - of course that WAS 7-8
years ago.

As for repairs, you'll see a darn sight more Audi's on the roads
over there than you will here.  Someone's gotta be fixing 'em!

-Mark Quinn