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? 100CS & pig roasts & overheating


Last month, I bought a pre-owned 1992 Audi 100CS.  It drives very smoothely,
the interior is very classy, and the solid feel of German worksmanship is
impressive. We also have a 1988 BMW 325 (2.5l0 and a 1986 Toyota Corolla (1.6
liter)......I will say that the Corolla has given me no headaches since I
bought it 11 years ago, and in the St. Louis metro area, the Audi upkeep
costs much more than BMW.  

Since I bought the Audi, I have been slooooooowly educating myself about
cars, and I actually ask my guy coworkers to teach me more about cars.
 Here's the "bug".  When I drive the Audi for 15-20 miles, and let it sit in
the garage for 1 hour, the hood of the car is still very hot.  It feels like
it baked in the sun on a parking lot.  Meanwhile, the BMW is half as hot, and
the Toyota is much cooler.  Thus the joke, my Audi heats up enough to have a
pig roast under the hood. 

The mechanic recently did an overall check-up, changed the timing belt/water
pump, and did a computer test on the engine. He did not mention anything
about this anomaly.   He did say that there was an small engine leak, but not
worth the labor/time to open up the entire engine.   This leak does not seem
related to other bugs.  

Before I spend on another check-up, I would like to know what I can do
beforehand to better describe the problem.   Tips on how to check the
severity of the bug (or, am I just imaging), tips on how to compare the bug
with the Toyota/BMW, what specific parts of the engine or its surroundings
should I look at for leaks, etc.  

Thank you in advance for any pointers,